Mukti aspiration....
Mukti as defined in Hinduism denotes the end of cosmic life itself. Reaching the stage of Mukti means reaching the stage of salvation as in Buddhism! Mukti is a word coined in Hinduism for liberation. Liberation from the cycle of birth and death forever! Liberation is experienced in this very life as a dissolution of the sense of self as an egoistic personality by which the underlying, eternal, pure spirit is uncovered. This desireless state concludes the yogic path through which conditioned mentality-materiality or nama-roopa (lit. name-form) has been dissolved uncovering one's eternal identity prior to the mind/spirit's identification with material form. Liberation is achieved by (and accompanied with) the complete stilling of all passions — a state of being known as Nirvana.

An aspiration as an artist....
Mukti (Darren Harper) began the journey of a psytrance and ambient dj/producer early in the new millinium as 1/2 of the improvisational ambient/noise duo Holomovement. Mukti's compositional works range from beat-less, environmental ambient to minimal atmospheric trance, and often attempt a merge somewhere inbetween.

Original releases

Magick Mother EP released on Ektoplazm (psytrance)

Time Forgotten released on Earth Mantra (ambient)

Monoblock EP available on (psytrance)

Season's Within released on Earth Mantra (ambient)

Momentary E.P. released on Audio Gourmet (ambient)

Descend released on Earth Mantra (ambient)

Variations available on Bandcamp (ambient)

Amida released on Ektoplazm (psytrance)

Frequent Sync an ambient collaboration project with Jacob Newman

The Receding Edge available on Bandcamp (ambient)

Whispers released on Earth Mantra (ambient)

Suspended Memory available on Bandcamp (ambient)

Repetitions available on Bandcamp (ambient)

Field & Fern; Mountain & Sea with Gimu, available on Rural Colors (ambient)

Falls available on Childrenplay Records and Bandcamp Falls (ambient)